Tara Severance

About The Artist

Tara Severance is a graduate of The College of Wooster where she received a Bachelor's degree with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Biology. After her junior year, she spent a summer abroad in Cortona, Italy through the University of Georgia (Lamar Dodd School of Art). During her college years, Tara studied traditional mediums such as printmaking and drawing, as well as ceramics, digital imaging, photography, and art history.

After graduation Tara studied figure drawing at the Columbus College of Art and Design. She then spent almost 2 years as an intern turned assistant at the Red Z Gallery (formerly North Main Gallery). It was there that Tara studied oil painting techniques of the masters under the guidance of Spencer Hoeflich. In 2011, Tara launched Bella Tara Art Gallery to feature herself and the many artists she met during her studies and travels and who have been involved in the development of her art career. Ready to take her place in the art community, Tara has embarked on a journey to find fine art galleries to display her masterpieces. Along the way she offers her skills to create commission pieces for patrons.

Tara is inspired by studying mythology, poetry, and art of ancient civilzations, the classical artists of the Renaissance and Baroque eras, biology, botany, history, and theology. Her favorite artists to study include: DaVinci, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Vermeer, Raphael, Rembrandt, Bernini, and Botticelli, etc. She also enjoys pieces by Maggie Taylor (a digital artist).

About The Artwork

Tara's studies at The College of Wooster consisted of mixed media using charcoal, pen and ink, printmaking techniques, and photography. Her Junior Independent Thesis was a semester long study with a critique. An exhibition of her work consisted of a series of charcoal drawings as self-portrait studies. Her Senior Independent Thesis, entitled Nightshades, was a year-long research project with a written thesis and an oral defense. An exhibition of her work consisted of a series of large charcoal drawings and a leather-bound book combining botanical drawings, engravings, and prints through the close observation of various species in the Solanaceae (tomato, nightshade) family.

As Tara began to experiment with other mediums, she also began working on her next and latest series, Il Divino. An exhibition of her work consists of a series of paintings and miniature pen/ink drawings inspired by sculptures and landscapes of the Mediterranean and the ancient stories that have long fed our creative minds.