Tara Severance

Artist Didactic

Il Divino

by Tara Severance

The creation of art is kindled by the source of an artist’s inspiration, allowing the artist to create masterpieces that reveal a mirror to their soul. I am an artist inspired by creation and the cycles that carry on our existence.

The human body is a work of art said to mirror the divine. For centuries, mankind has strived to achieve immortality. Through study of what we perceive to be divine forces, we have created art to imitate the immortality we long to find. Il Divino, is based on the studies of the art of ancient civilizations which express that theme. Due to their fascination and close relationship with the divine, embodied in paintings and sculptural renditions of the human figure, art is mankind’s closest link to immortality.

Il Divino is a study of humanity’s attempt to retain the beauty of the divine through art that lasts for centuries. An exhibition of my work consists of a series of paintings and miniature pen/ink drawings inspired by sculptures and landscapes of the Mediterranean and the ancient stories that have long fed our creative minds.

(All paintings are originals (1/1). Pieces may or may not be framed. We frame per request. Sold items are marked. Commissions are welcome.)